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A factory original interior is sometimes overlooked or underestimated. The difference is in the details. Those details are what I know and do to put your project above the next guys.

My personal favorite is a custom interior.  Car, truck, boat, plane, or spaceship I can make it yours.  I think it started with my first bike. Customizing something makes it your own.  My lifeblood has gone into learning and perfecting my hat of tricks

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The best interiors start with a well planned and executed foundation. Built to last and be serviceable. ABS, aluminum, fiberglass, steel, oak, bubblegum, and shoestrings, all make ideas come to life.  The upholstery is the easy part. I think ten steps ahead.

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Coeur d' Alene, ID 

There's a lot more to an interior than some seats. Instruments, creature comforts, and entertainment are all important parts that I am able to make part of a well functioning aesthetically pleasing interior.

I have been a professional upholsterer for more than a decade. I love from design to deliver. I have a book and head full of ideas and inspirations.  Bring me your project and it will get love. 



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